COCKHEDGE Shopping Centre's part-demolition is well underway, as new images show.

Some weeks ago the signage was torn from the frontage of the centre, and now it looks as though the demolition works are rumbling on successfully.

Warrington Guardian: The frontage of the site is now being demolishedThe frontage of the site is now being demolished (Image: Newsquest)

The demolition works are taking place as part of a new masterplan for the centre, which sees the developers hope to realise their ambition of allowing the area to appeal to a wider market, and open itself up to the nighttime economy.

Plans were submitted to Warrington Borough Council last year, with the developers proposing the demolition of a number of units and the centre, in favour of a more modern approach that will hopefully attract people to the centre in the evening.

More than a dozen units are set to be flattened in favour of the new plans, the demolition is in full swing.

The remodelling of the centre will see 16 units demolished, including the former Wilko site and the pedestrian bridge across Scotland Road.

Asda, however, will remain in its current unit.

Warrington Guardian: The demolition is well underwayThe demolition is well underway (Image: Newsquest)

Michael Brown, managing director at Altered Space, the developers, said: "The approval of our planning application enables us to contribute to the potential of Cockhedge and foster the growth of Warrington's economy.

"Alongside the retail developments, the project will unlock the Residential Development footprint fronting Scotland Road, capable of delivering 900 new homes for Warrington town centre and improve pedestrian links to the town centre."

New external entrances will be built at each end of the mall, along with four new external-facing units.

Altered Space says it will create 'quality public realm areas' on each side of the mall, featuring both soft and hard landscaping.