A POPULAR Warrington pub has announced that it has closed its doors temporarily.

The Cheshire Cheese in Latchford says it has decided to shut due to a flu bug affecting both staff and customers.

The Knutsford Road venue has very responsibly said it would be ‘irresponsible’ to open at present given the risk to other people.

Despite the impact of the loss of trading, owners say there is little alternative, but the pub will reopen soon.

Posting on social media, The Cheshire Cheese said: “Apologies for the pub being closed this week.

“The flu bug has run right through the staff team and many customers have fallen ill too.

“It feels irresponsible to trade with so many people suffering and the risk of others very prominent.

“Being closed is a terrible outcome as the pub loses money while it is not trading, but I am left with little alternatives given the seriousness of the situation.

“Apologies again. We will keep you posted as to when we are likely to reopen.”

Many customers sent their well wishes to those affected to get well soon, while the pub was also praised for the action it has taken.