PLANS have been drawn up to demolish a pub outbuilding amid safety concerns.

The building in question is located to the rear of The Dog and Partridge, on Manchester Road in Paddington.

The scheme, which has been submitted to Warrington Borough Council’s planning department, is for the demolition of an unsafe and redundant outbuilding next to the public house.

Documents submitted by applicant Greene King as part of the application state: “This proposal aims to demolish an unsafe outhouse which stands away from the public house.

“It is a risk to the public and staff. It has crumbling brickwork and weeds growing out the top.

“The separate single-storey outbuilding is in a state of disrepair. It has been unused for some years, and we plan demolish this to make the site safe.

The plans are for The outbuilding in question. Picture: Greene King

The plans are for The outbuilding in question. Picture: Greene King

“The lower beer garden has a play area and customers, children and staff pass by the outhouse to visit these areas. We aim to make the site safe for guests.

“Use of the building and this site would remain unaltered as a public house.

“The proposed works are to enhance safe customer external areas and staff operation, in order to help facilitate the ongoing economic viability of this existing operation.”

Documents go on to say that the outhouse would be carefully demolished, removing the roof ‘sensitively’ first, then slowly dismantling the walls, all in line with structural engineer advice.

The bricks would be cleaned up and safely stacked and left on site for any future development works.

There would only be the concrete roof, garage doors, some mortar and some timber frames left over to be disposed of by a competent commercial contractor.