PLANNING proposals concerning the historic Lymm Hall estate have been withdrawn from the council's planning portal.

The proposals included safety measures for the estate, which has since been divided among individual families.

Each family owns a separate plot of the historic estate, though not each segment has a boundary.

The plans that have since been withdrawn were for a fence to be erected between plots of land, as there were safety concerns on behalf of the applicant.

According to the design and access statement available on the council's website: "A number of the new owners have multiple dogs whilst the applicant has young children, cats and poultry.

"A boundary fence is hence required to prevent dogs [from] entering the garden and provide clear distinction for guests and children."

The official application description on the council's planning portal reads: "Planning application for Lymm Hall rear eastern boundary estate railing.

"Installation of solid round five-bar estate railing with bespoke sections.

"Retrospective permission sought for a completed section behind [the] yew hedge/tennis court."

It is unclear as to why the application has been withdrawn, however, due to the historical nature of the estate it was necessary that Warrington Borough Council made a public notice in relation to the plans when they were submitted.

This application was withdrawn on January 15.