WARRINGTON Borough Council spent £15,000 on legal fees following a claim regarding asbestos.

According to the council's spending documents, it spent £15,000 in November on legal fees relating to an asbestos claim.

By law, the council is required to document and publish all of its expenditures on values larger than £500.

Within these documents was an entry - dated November 7, 2023 - that showed Warrington Borough Council paid £15,000 to Asbestos Law Partnership LLP.

According to that firm's website: "The Asbestos Law Partnership is a specialist law firm.

"All our solicitors are accredited specialist asbestos solicitors and have over 45 years' experience of asbestos claims.

"Unlike other law firms, we act exclusively for asbestos sufferers and do not act for defendants."

When questioned about the lump sum of £15,000 paid to the company, a Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said: "The payment was in relation to third-party legal fees in connection with an insurance claim.

"The claim alleged that exposure to asbestos in a former council building, which was demolished some time ago, resulted in the claimant suffering an asbestos-related disease.”

It was explained to the Warrington Guardian that the payment 'was purely legal fees.'