A CONSTRUCTION firm in the north west has welcomed 30 new apprentices to kick off the new year.

HMS is helping 30 apprentices get their start in the industry, including apprentices from Warrington.

The company works across the north west, in conjunction with Torus, one of the region's largest landlords.

HMS said: "The latest addition to HMS’ apprenticeship programme, which has already seen over 100 apprentices recruited since January 2019, continues the team's commitment to creating sustainable, long-term employment opportunities and supporting people in the local area into lifelong careers."

The company's managing director, Paul Worthington, said: “There is a clear skills gap in the construction industry, and I believe apprenticeships are the best way to proactively address the shortfall of qualified tradespeople we have across the sector.

“Apprenticeships not only offer sustainable, long-term training and employment opportunities for individuals, they positively contribute to the local economy by upskilling its communities and keeping sought-after trades in the local area and as a largescale employer, this is what we want to encourage.

“For HMS, apprenticeships are a long-term investment, and a number of our current managers and leaders, including myself, began their career as an apprentice, so I know that this can be an important and career-defining first step for many and I am looking forward to welcoming newest apprentices to the team and seeing where this opportunity can take them.”

Dan Bamford, employment and skills manager at Torus Foundation, added: “Torus Foundation takes great pride in continuing to provide support for the next group of apprentices being welcomed by HMS.

"As an integral part of our commitment for Torus communities, our employment and skills team is on hand, with HMS, to ensure the apprentices have access to essential tools and knowledge to make a positive difference in the workplace and their communities while helping to maximise their potential.”