A YELLOW weather warning for snow has been issued in Warrington.

Metrologists from the Met Office have warned that ‘frequent’ snow showers and ice are likely to disrupt travel and that there are chances of injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces.

Roads and railways are expected to be affected with longer, disrupted or cancelled journey times by road, bus and train services.

Power cuts may occur and there is a chance rural communities could become cut off.

Experts have also warned that there is a chance of snow-covered roads leading to stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel.

The yellow weather warning will come into force from midnight on Tuesday until Thursday.

So when is snow expected to hit Warrington?

Here is an hour-by-hour forecast for the town for Tuesday:

12am, -1C

1am, -1C

2am, -2C

3am, -1C

4am, -1C

5am, -1C, light snow

6am, -1C, light snow

7am, -1C, light snow

8am, 0C

9am, 0C

10am, 1C

11am, 2C

12pm, 3C

1pm, 3C

2pm, 4C

3pm, 4C

4pm, 3C

5pm, 3C

6pm, 3C

7pm, 3C

8pm, 3C

9pm, 3C

10pm, 3C

11pm, 3C

12am, 2C