The Traitors star Paul Gorton has so far been playing a brilliant game in the BBC current series earning himself critics and fans alike.

His fellow contestants are all largely "100% certain" Paul is on their side, clueless he’s actually one of the show’s resident “Traitors”.

However, it turns out this isn’t his first time competing for money on a TV game show – and his previous stint was a lot less successful.

Since the new series of The Traitors got under way, it’s been revealed that Paul appeared on Deal Or No Deal way back in 2010. Back then he was living with his girlfriend at his mum's house in Warrington.

Towards the end of last year, Paul gave an interview to iNews about his time on the show, particularly how much he was won over by host Noel Edmonds.

“I don’t know whether that was just me, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off him,” he told the outlet, months before he was announced as a cast member on The Traitors.

“You know, some people are just born for the job that they’re in. He was born to be a host on that show. He did it so well."

Rumours of a supposed “mole” among the Deal or No Deal team

He also revealed there were widespread rumours of a supposed “mole” among the team.

“It’s so weird when you’re outside of it, you go, how did I believe that?” he recalled. “But when you’re in there, you go, ‘Do they? Have they got ears everywhere? Have they got microphones in the bedrooms?’.

“You would kind of give a little bit of information away to someone privately, but then Noel would bring it up on the show. And it puts you in this weird state of paranoia. And because that hotel and that studio are your new worlds, you believe everything goes on in there.”

After Paul told one contestant the lowest amount he’d say yes to was £15,000, this turned out to be the first offer made by the mysterious “Banker”.

“As soon as it came through, I didn’t think about the money, I just thought to myself: ‘Oh my God, the mole is real’."

And while Paul had the top prize of £250K in his box on four different occasions during other players’ games, he was a lot less lucky when it came to his own game, walking away with 10p.

Poor Paul.

"10p is still more than what he deserves", one user on X said.

Another replied: "I’m glad he grew a beard, he’s a real chinless wonder in this clip! He obviously grew up watching Superman and realised every decent villain needs a power beard".