IN this week’s column, Labour Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols highlights what she wants to see in 2024.

A Happy New Year to all of my constituents and other Warrington Guardian readers; let us hope that this is a cheerier and more peaceful year than those we have recently seen.

The new year is an opportunity for resolutions, and I would like to see the government seek to actually live up to the principles that are supposed to underpin public office: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

It is discouraging that our expectations have fallen so low that these basic standards are now seen as a step up the ladder.

With the Chancellor of the Exchequer and other ministers briefing about their plans for the very early Spring Budget on 6th March, I hope that they recognise the state that our country is in.

The number one necessity must be to address the cost of living crisis that we are still suffering.

Lower rates of inflation still mean that prices are rising, even if not so fast, and we are still well over the target rate of 2%.

Our public services are in a truly perilous state, and if anybody believes that our schools, hospitals, police and transport is being properly funded then they cannot be familiar with our experience in Warrington.

All the rumours about tax cuts highlights that the Conservatives have given us the highest tax burden since the second world war, with 75% of the public feeling worse off than before this government.

If there is money to spare for giveaways, it must be used in a way that benefits low earners and not people fortunate enough to be on high salaries.

With Parliament’s return last week, we are all conscious that a general election must be called in 2024 so the public will finally have their say on this government.

For me this cannot come soon enough as it is clear that they have run out of steam and are just stringing things out with no real agenda to improve our country.

So for 2024 I want to see a more peaceful world, a budget that properly funds our public services and supports people who need help, a general election that can see the end of this Tory government, and of course greater success for Warrington Wolves, our local football clubs and our own Luke Littler!