AHEAD of Warrington Music Festival's January taster event, one of the event's headliners has spoken about performing there.

The Winter Showcase is being held at Parr Hall, and will give audiences a taste of what to expect when Warrington Music Festival returns in full swing later in the year.

One of the headliners, Standin' Man, is a homegrown four-piece rock and roll group, and they spoke to the Warrington Guardian ahead of the event.

The group is led by Dean Fairhurst, formerly a member of Slydigs, who hails from Burtonwood.

Warrington Guardian: The group is fronted by Warringtonian Dean FairhurstThe group is fronted by Warringtonian Dean Fairhurst (Image: Standin' Man)

When asked about performing at Warrington Music Festival, Dean said: "I always like working with Steve Oakes and the WMF quite frankly.

"There’s also an incentive for me to play in my home town.

"Warrington has produced, and continues to produce great artists; it's people like Steve and his team and the likes of Lee Harman that go above and beyond to push local artists to the foreground."

Dean added: "There’s always the desire to perform at Parr Hall again.

"I think the last time I played there was headlining with Slydigs and it’s great to be able to go back with this new project.

"I love the old heritage music venues that are steeped in history and Parr Hall is no exception. It’s a great place to perform in and to be in as a spectator."

Drawing upon the excitement of playing hometown gigs, Dean said: "Performing in front of familiar faces is always a highlight.

"Friends and family that don’t get the chance to see us on the road can come along to see us perform on a big stage in our hometown.

"It gives the chance to show local people our capabilities as artists, musicians and songwriters.

"You can watch videos all day long and listen to the music on stereos and streaming platforms but in person, it is always going to be visceral and a chance to connect personally.

"People who know me and the lads in the band have an opportunity to see a different side that they may not have had the luxury of witnessing.

"We put on a great show and we’ll be making sure we make this a night to remember."

Warrington Guardian: The band has grown from strength to strengthThe band has grown from strength to strength (Image: Standin' Man)

Dean says events like the ones put on by Warrington Music Festival are essential to help push homegrown talent.

He said: "As a ‘kingdom’ I believe we are in danger of letting the blood of our culture run dry by not supporting the smaller venues, by not supporting the pathway for artists to develop and I believe without a concerted effort in our local areas, the future of our culture is destined for dark days.

"The efforts of WMF give a platform for up-and-coming local talent to perform on a bigger stage and ultimately create traction for them by utilising the local community of Warrington. 

"For our culture to thrive, to grow and develop there must be opportunities, and Warrington Music Festival is playing its part in providing that for our hometown.

"There’s no reason why our town can’t set the precedent for all regions and towns of our nation - but that takes time and decisive actions from collaborators with different skill sets, providing support and assistance as a collective."

Warrington Guardian: Standin' Man will take part in the taster event on January 20Standin' Man will take part in the taster event on January 20 (Image: Supplied)

Looking ahead to the performance, Dean says there's lots to be excited about.

He added: "I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the artists on the bill.

"I’ll always be interested in seeing and hearing new artists so that will be what I’m most looking forward to as well as getting back on that stage.

"I’ve heard good things about Parlours, Syfta, and Belmont and The Stocks so I’m hoping to catch some of their sets as well as the other bands."

Warrington Music Festival's Winter Showcase will take place on Saturday, January 20.