A STREET in Orford is being used for filming part of a new series of a much-loved Sky One comedy.

Residents have been notified by Sky via a letter that filming will take place today, Tuesday, on Tomlinson Avenue for the latest series of Brassic.

One property in particular will be the focus of the scene being filmed and locals were told that they may notice a presence of the film crew around the area between the times of 10.30am and 2.30pm.

The popular drama, labelled one of Sky’s ‘most successful comedy series’, follows the lives of main character Vinnie O’Neill, played by Misfits star Joe Gilgun, and his friends who live in the northern town of Hawley (based on real town Chorley).

Warrington Guardian: Film crews are set up on Tomlinson Avenue in OrfordFilm crews are set up on Tomlinson Avenue in Orford (Image: Newsquest)
Our Girl star Michelle Keegan also features as a main role in the show as Erin Croft.

And Warrington resident Darren Jeffries has previously appeared in the show.

In a letter addressed to locals on the Orford street a Sky representative said: “We wanted to inform you that we will be carrying out filming in your area on the above date.

“You may also see some of our crew and vehicles around on either side of our filming times whilst we carry out our preparation work. All our filming will be taking place outside the property.”

A request has been made by the crew for residents to refrain from parking on Roscoe Avenue, Norbury Avenue and Tomlinson Avenue while filming is taking place.

Sky’s production team also potentially hired driveways along the specified road in preparation for today’s filming.

Warrington Guardian: Film crews are set up on Tomlinson Avenue in OrfordFilm crews are set up on Tomlinson Avenue in Orford (Image: Newsquest)
Residents also noticed film crews take over a section of Orford Park for filming of another scene for the series yesterday, Monday.

They added: “We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation with our filming, and our apologies for any inconvenience our filming may cause.”

Sky stated that they work closely with Creative England’s Filming in England team, funded by the British Film Institute, to provide support for regional dramas and features that shoot across England.

“The Filming in England team work closely with your local authority to ensure that the council are aware of the production and that all involved can benefit from their presence.”

They stated that Warrington Borough Council are aware of the plans to film in the area and no objections have been made.

A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson added: “We are regularly approached by production companies to film on our land and in our properties.

"We always assist wherever possible and try to make the process as straightforward as we can.

“We are pleased to have welcomed a show as respected and high profile as Brassic to Warrington and we look forward to seeing Orford Park on the small screen.

“Being chosen as a filming destination by production companies brings real benefits to Warrington’s economy and profile. However, when we are approached with filming requests our decision is always based on how it will affect local residents, road users and the wider public, and we work with companies to ensure disruption is minimised as much as possible.”