LUKE 'The Nuke' Littler wants to inspire fellow youngsters to play darts after his historic World Championship campaign.

The Warrington 16-year-old debutant has taken the sport by storm by reaching the final at Alexandra Palace, where he was beaten by world number one Luke Humphries on Wednesday night.

He was one win away from becoming darts’ youngest champion and earning sporting immortality but went down 7-4 in the final.

His performances over the past fortnight have earned him celebrity status and have transcended the world of darts as everyone has wanted a piece of the former Padgate Academy student.

And Littler, who left school with one GCSE in the summer to concentrate on his darts, wants to be an inspiration to other kids.

“I have caught a load of people’s attention,” he said. “It is just unbelievable, I hope I have caught lots of young people’s minds to get on a board and just try it out.

“If they don’t like it that’s fine but I’d advise them to give it a go because it is a good sport and once you get into it you’ll always love it.

“If you love the darts why don’t you get on the board and try and be like me or one of the other top professionals.”

Life has changed forever for Littler, who pocketed a £200,000 prize for finishing second and has got even more earning power owing to his celebrity status.

“I have just got to be myself and be the Luke Littler I have been here for the last three to four weeks,” he added.

“It has changed me a lot, I have broke into the top 32, I have got a bit of money now, which is going to help.

“Getting into the top 32 will definitely help me qualify for pretty much every event in the year.

“It’s a losing start to the year, but it is also a good start to the year. I will take the positives.”