LUKE 'The Nuke' Littler's captured the hearts of so many since his amazing achievements in the PDC World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace.

Here's a selection of what's been said on the Warrington Guardian Facebook page since his showdown with Luke Humphries.

On Luke Littler being selected for the Premier League:

Lee Wilson: Superb news, 17 evenings in front of massive crowds playing the 7 best players in the world week in week out can only be a positive for developing his game. Glad he took the opportunity, may never happen again

Graham Barker: Brilliant news they had to really he’s a teen sensation, done more for darts in 4 weeks than sky did.

Freda Peers: I stopped watching premiere League as it became boring if the two lukes are in it i'll be watching this year will be the battle of the lukes bring em on xx

On Luke Littler's success at the World Darts Championship:

Dave Holcroft: Very well done young man! You should be very proud of your fantastic achievements

Jackie Leotardi: Despite all the hype in the build-up to the final, he kept his nerve. Amazing composure. Would've won if he'd got that double 2, but that's the luck of the game. Sportsmanlike and dignified in defeat. A credit to himself and his family and made the town proud.

Jackie Cheetham: Can’t fault the lad. He put some pressure on that took great nerve. Great things to come xxx

Steve Brown: £200 grand in the bank and another couple of decades of potentially playing…. Only gonna get better this lad

Marie Stokes: Fantastic achievement for Luke the Nuke to whip all these professionals at the age of 16, he certainly gave the lot of them a run for their money. Well Done Kiddo you’ve played absolutely amazing and totally deserved to be in the final. Your hometown has been been behind you every step of the way. Proud of you.

Samantha Arnold: Absolute fantastic achievement, you did yourself proud, looking forward to watching you develop, excited for your future, well done Luke your a superstar

Eleanor Austin: Absolutely fabulous achievement. Super proud of you. Your a credit to your family.

Susan Hampson: Absolutely an amazing achievement Luke Littler 🥰 You should be very proud of yourself, Warrington are! xx

Cheryl Oneill: What an achievement for your first tournament, hold your head up high, your one in a million

Hayley Ruane-Musgrave: Absolutely amazing Luke TheNuke Littler!!! This is only the beginning for you

Frances Hennessey: He will be winning everything in the future...this level of excellence on his debut...omg fantastic. Take a bow luke littler

Charlotte Collins: Absolutely brilliant! Done himself and his family proud. All the town was behind you. Xxx

Mo Walker: Great player. Will win loads in the coming years. Well done Luke

Cathy Mustafa: Amazing achievement on his debut, he should be so proud! A genuinely decent, down to earth lad too!

Gwelda Simmons: Fantastic achievement Luke something to aim for next year now. Well done to the winner it was a great match.

Alan O'Donnell: He will be world Champion before he's 20 and will probably be a millionaire before this year is out so he's not done too bad the lad. Great future ahead of him. Made Warrington very proud.

Bob Rylands: Next time lad !! Keep your head straight

Graham Kinsey: You are a winner, greatness awaits.

Dave Shearer: Fantastic, brilliant to see and he’s brought a whole new generation to darts

Maureen Reeve Webster: Still a winner lad with 200k in the bank and a future full of promise

Gillianne Adams: What a fantastic match and achievement. Such a good sportsman. Kept on fighting and playing so well right till the end too. Proud of you Luke Littler. You are a winner!

Annmarie Foxall: Please don’t let this get you down Luke, you have an amazing future to come and you have gained the respect and admiration of all your darting heroes, please keep it up, you have the experience now and as you said, you want to win now, thank you for keeping us entertained, well done

Julie Thorniley: What an amazing young man, loved watching him. Just beaten by the better man on the night. He'll come back stronger after this experience. Won't be long till he's winning major competitions on a regular basis. Warrington's proud of you

Nicola Cornelius: Got to be sports personality of the year !!!!

Sharla Bowman: Well done love u played incredible at such a young age you will be champion for many years to come u have put darts back on the map take a bow

Dan Thompson: The town should be so proud of him. What a great assist to the sports of darts. At least when people ask what is Warrington known for they can say Luke littler and not Kerry katona now

Paul Hackwell: Not many knew Luke, but the whole world knows him now. I've always watched the World darts from the qtr final rounds but this year I've watched every round. Brilliant achievement Mr Littler, you've made many thousands of people's Christmas this year, take my hat off to you

Dawn Lorraine: People who have never watched darts have watched because of him. What an achievement to get to the final at 16


Becky Mcmullan: He made it on to the news in Australia