WARRINGTON'S Parr Hall has shifted into its digital gear, and it is now offering E-tickets.

It is the town's most famous and historic entertainment venue, and it has stood since the end of the 19th century.

According to the venue, it currently prints around 1,000 tickets per week when it has its diary full.

Now, however, things are changing at Parr Hall, as the venue hopes to reduce its carbon footprint, and also to improve the experience of its guests.

In an email sent to its valued customers, the venue said: "Currently we print more than a thousand tickets to our upcoming shows in an average week which contributes significantly to our carbon footprint.

"Until now, these physical tickets have also been posted free of charge which has a further impact on carbon emissions, as well as on our resources and fundraising capacity as a small charity.

"You can buy E-tickets in the usual way, on our website, over the phone or in person. They will then be sent instantly and electronically to an email address of your choice, linked to your account.

"That means no waiting around for the tickets to arrive. No uncertainty about delivery times. E-tickets are safe and secure and cannot be lost. You simply need to show your E-ticket (via your mobile phone or printed out) on the day of an event and the barcode will be scanned.

"This transition will also help us to run performances more smoothly and get you into the venue quicker.

"However, we know that having tickets printed and delivered is a service and convenience that our customers value so, to give people the choice, we are maintaining the option of having tickets delivered at an additional cost of £2 per order.

"Physical tickets can also be printed at no extra charge if they are collected in person from the box office (see our website for opening times)."