WHILE you will have passed over this bridge probably more times than you could count, you probably do not recognise this perspective.

Because this picture was taken during the construction of the current crossing at Bridge Foot in 1914.

JE Birtles was commissioned to record the building of the bridge between 1912 and 1915 as well as the Royal visit in 1913 when King George V officially opened the first phase of construction.

Before the M6 was opened, this crossing and the one at Kingsway Bridge were the only ways to get over the Mersey by road.

The then King George V was called upon to carry out the official opening of the completed construction work on a visit to the Town Hall in July 1913.

It was a hastily arranged visit to Warrington after the monarchy passed through without stopping during a trip before then, after being delayed on a previous appointment.

This caused great anger among the thousands of people who had gathered to get a glimpse of the royal party.

The town had two visits from two different kings within four years.

Janice Hayes, a Warrington heritage champion, added: “The date July 6, 1909, was supposed to be a red letter day for Warrington as the town eagerly awaited a royal visit by Edward VII, Queen Alexandra and their daughter Princess Victoria.

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“The town council had voted a special grant of more than £1,000 (the equivalent of £140,000 in today’s money) to decorate the route with colourful flowers and Sankey Street was a colourful scene of red, white and blue with excited crowds in their Sunday best clothes.

“Alas the air of expectation captured here was dashed as the royal party sped along the route in a closed car; paused for less than five minutes at the Town Hall and drove swiftly off with a loyal address and a diamond necklace for the royal princess.”

Janice selected this picture from the collection for her book, Warrington’s Photographers.

She said: “While this image was undoubtedly taken to record the progress of the construction of the decking of the second phase of the bridge, the angle Birtles chose for the show shows his artistry as a photographer.”