WELL we didn’t get the white Christmas in Warrington that some of us were dreaming of.

But the town is no stranger to snow in January or even February.

With the weather set to get even colder over the next few weeks, we asked the Met Office what the chances of it snowing in Warrington are.

A spokesperson confirmed that there is no snow in the Met Office’s seven-day forecast for Warrington at the moment.

They added that it is not possible to forecast snow any further in advance than this.

“It is however turning colder across the UK through the weekend and into the start of next week,” a spokesperson said.

“Though it will be predominantly dry across the UK with high pressure in charge of our weather.”

Over the next week or two, colder conditions and some frosty nights are expected in the north west.

A Met Office forecaster said: “As temperatures fall, the chance of any precipitation falling as sleet and snow increases, particularly over high ground and especially over northern parts of the UK, but not exclusively so by any means.

“As well as frost and ice by night, some freezing fog is likely to develop as well.”