A FLOOD alert has been issued in areas on the edge of Warrington amid Storm Gerrit battering the United Kingdom today, December 27.

The government have issued a flood alert warning in the north west of England, with Rixton and Warburton falling inside the catchment area.

Despite this warning, however, Warrington is listed by the government as being a ‘very low risk’ of flooding.

This warning comes due to a high level of rain overnight and this morning around the Brinksway river gauge, which will affect the Middle River Mersey catchment area.  

Due to this, there is a possibility that low lying land and roads in the surrounding area may flood.

Whilst areas close to the centre of Warrington are considered to be safe from flooding, those on the eastern outskirts, towards Manchester, should take care when driving.

Warrington Guardian: Areas affected by flooding Areas affected by flooding (Image: Government live Flooding Map)

The Warrington-based Environment Agency posted a reminder on X, formerly known as Twitter, to take care when driving through areas with flooding.

The accompanying video reminded drivers that ‘just one eggcup of water can wreck your engine’ and says ‘Heavy rain is forecast across the north west today. Take care & avoid driving through flood water.’

Environment Agency guidance states that if you are in an area at risk of flooding you should take the following steps:

  • If you have a flood kit or flood plan get them out and ready to use
  • Put property flood resilience measures such as flood barriers in place
  • Move items upstairs or to safety if you can
  • Move your car to safety if you can
  • Stay up to date with local weather and travel on the TV, radio or social media

To stay up to date with flood warnings you can follow the Governments live flood map at this website https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/location?q=Warrington