THREE local councillors are dismayed after Warrington Borough Council has approved plans to build 90 new homes in Croft.

A recent meeting of the development management committee at the council approved three separate housing proposals; one in Croft, one in Winwick, and one in Hollins Green.

Councillors for Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft have voiced their opposition to the plans, claiming there were no concerns raised by the committee 'when the health and safety of school children, disruption to education or safety on village roads was highlighted.'

Warrington Guardian: Cllr Allen has stated her opposition to the developmentCllr Allen has stated her opposition to the development (Image: Warrington Borough Council)

Cllr Valerie Allen said: "The cumulative impact of this development of 90 houses in Croft, plus 154 houses to neighbouring Winwick and in a further 110 just down the road in Hollins Green, must be considered in the round.

"Surely 350 extra houses in north Warrington on Greenbelt must be a cause for concern, not to mention a further 200 coming forward in Culcheth?"

Carol Benson, another local Conservative councillor, spoke about the contamination of land on the site at Deacons Close, including methane and other hazardous substances, poor drainage systems and the Environment Agency concerns over the water table. 

She added that the site is on a groundwater protection zone due to a principal aquifer and that United Utilities extract water nearby.

Cllr Wendy Maisey concluded: "So the Deacons Close development of 80-plue houses was pushed through by Labour councillors, [who] voted for it, no questions asked. 

"Will they ever listen to the voice of residents? It seems not.

"Your Conservative borough councillors submitted a petition earlier this year to the town hall that was signed by almost 400 local residents and their names were listed as objections by Warrington Borough Council, however, it still was passed thanks to Labour. 

"I feel so much for the local residents and the precedent now seems to have been set for Labour’s disastrous local plan to rip through our town at all costs."