FOLLOWING a council decision to approve a controversial proposal for up to 110 homes in Hollins Green, a local councillor has savaged decision-makers.

Warrington Borough Council has approved plans that were submitted in June to secure outline planning application for a residential development of up to 110 dwellings, plus associated infrastructure and works.

This is on land north west of Manchester Road in Hollins Green, with all other matters to be reserved for a subsequent application should these plans be approved.

Now, a Conservative councillor for Woolston and Rixton, Rob Tynan, has hit out at the planning committee for its decision.

Cllr Tynan told the Warrington Guardian: "On Monday night, at the Labour-dominated development management committee, we saw yet again block-voting by the Labour councillors to concrete over our precious greenfield site at Marsh Brook in Rixton.

"The area was removed as greenbelt by Labour's disastrous local plan which again was block-voted through by Labour councillors at the last full council meeting."

Warrington Guardian: Cllr Tynan says residents are worried about a loss of local identityCllr Tynan says residents are worried about a loss of local identity (Image: Maps)

He added: "At the meeting, clear and concise reasons to refuse planning permission were presented based on consultations with local residents who were concerned about [the] loss of identity for Rixton and Hollins Green, potential traffic congestion, increased pollution, loss of natural habitat and a total lack of infrastructure within the village to deal with an extra 110 houses.

"Instead, the Labour-ran council confirmed they had held back applications until the Local Plan had been passed.

"Despite the rhetoric of Labour in 2021 claiming they are 'listening to residents' they continue to ignore residents, passing a Local Plan that doesn’t deliver for residents and approving developments that are unfit and lack the necessary infrastructure. 

"In reality, this development will see 110 houses with at least another 200 vehicles trying to exit the estate via one exit onto the 50mph A57 Manchester Road, further increasing congestion and pollution in our area.

"As Conservatives, we are not denying the need for extra homes for the people of Warrington. 

"What we need to do in reality is build homes where local people want them with the requisite infrastructure needed.

"The development of new homes needs to be concentrated on existing brownfield sites with greenbelt sites only considered as a last resort."