WARRINGTON Borough Council is one of the 'lowest-funded' in the country.

This comes as the council has come under fire from Conservatives in London for its level of debt.

Posting on social media, Tottenham Conservatives took aim at Labour-run councils across the country, including Warrington Borough Council.

Warrington Guardian: One Labour councillor says the council has faced 'brutal' cutsOne Labour councillor says the council has faced 'brutal' cuts (Image: Newsquest)

The Conservative social media page wrote: "As Labour-run Lambeth council reveals it is £1billion in debt, more Labour councils continue to plunge into the red.

"Enfield - £1.12billion

"Haringey - £1.5billion

"Warrington - £1.8billion

"Don’t let Labour bankrupt Britain again."

When asked to respond to the criticism, Cllr Denis Matthews, cabinet member for corporate finance said: "Warrington is one of the lowest funded councils in the country. 

“Since 2010, residents in Warrington have faced hundreds of millions of pounds in cuts as a result of brutal Conservative austerity. 

“This year alone we are being forced to make an additional £13million in cuts because of  Conservative government underfunding. This isn’t fair for our residents or our communities. 

“More than 70 per cent of our council’s budget goes on services for vulnerable adults and children, that includes things like adult social care where we support elderly residents and children’s services such as children in care.

“We could not stand by and do nothing, we had to keep our vulnerable residents safe. 

“Councils were encouraged to be innovative and self-sufficient by the Government.

"As a result, local authorities like Warrington Borough Council were forced to develop new ways of generating income to replace lost funding. 

“While our level of borrowing may seem high, the majority of our investments are asset-backed and secured.

“This borrowing is part of a commercial approach which we have had to take in response to the shortfalls caused by year-on-year reduced government funding.

"Much of our borrowing is across a mix of ‘invest to save’ projects and investments in Warrington’s infrastructure."

Cllr Matthews added: “We have invested in transformative projects like the Time Square development, which are so vital in our future economic prosperity and growth.

“Our investments are generating an income of more than £20million a year for the council - that’s after all the interest payments and costs have been deducted.

"Without taking this commercial approach this extra money would not be available to meet the needs of the people of Warrington and support the vital services on which our most vulnerable residents rely.

“However, we understand the Government-encouraged approach of being more commercial is not without risk and we continue to monitor all of our investments regularly, ensuring they are only delivering the best possible policy and revenue outcomes."

Warrington Guardian: Cllr Matthews has hit back at the ConservativesCllr Matthews has hit back at the Conservatives (Image: Warrington Borough Council)

Cllr Matthews took aim at the Government: “The Conservatives continue to pass the buck; they are responsible for the sorry state of public finances. 

“13 years after they were first elected, public services are suffering, and local authorities of all colours are struggling to balance their budgets. Inflation and the cost of living are hitting councils like it is hitting households. 

“And demand for services is continuing to increase, but the Conservatives don’t seem interested. Look at the NHS with record waiting lists or rough sleeping up by a shocking 74 per cent.

“Where the Conservatives have abdicated responsibility, Labour councillors have stepped up to secure the essential services deservedly expected by all Warrington residents.”