A TOWN centre railway bridge is set to be reconstructed by Network Rail.

Planning permission has been granted by Warrington Borough Council regarding the proposed reconstruction of a railway bridge in the centre of the town.

The bridge in question is off Midland Way, and is opposite the Travelodge in the centre of town.

Plans to reconstruct the bridge were previously approved by Warrington Borough Council in February 2021, but the proposals being put forward have changed slightly, according to the applicant.

According to the cover letter provided on the application, the amendments to the plans are as follows: "The original planning submission shows the subway at a skew.

"However, a process of post-approval design development has resulted in a revision to the scheme design, with a reduced skew subway.

"This will offer an improved experience for users as there will be a clearer line of sight underneath the bridge."

The official description for the proposal reads: "To reconstruct the railway bridge with a new concrete deck and brick infill with box culvert."

According to the council's planning portal, this application was approved subject to conditions, those conditions being that the development takes place exactly according to the plans put forward on the planning portal.

This decision was made on December 19.