A 'NORTHERN Tube' map has been created and it shows that Warrington would be home to Heathrow Airport.

Self-proclaimed 'transport and architecture nerd' Ed Howe has created a map that shows how the north could look if rail stations were laid out in a similar way to the London Underground.

Though Ed's map is focused on Manchester, it reveals that Warrington would become a major hub for the region.

According to Ed's mock-up design, Heathrow Airport would be located just east of the town.

When asked why he created the map, Ed told the Manchester Evening News: "Like any northerner, I'm very jealous of London's excellent transport system and wish Manchester had something similar."

Taking to social media, Ed explained that his new map did have some limitations, and was based on the London Underground map taken from 2014, as he could not find any suitable recent maps.

Therefore, the Elizabeth Line is missing, as well as the Northern Line extension.

Ed says that the Underground has allowed for the growth and expansion of London, and that by not having a similar system, Manchester and surrounding areas have 'missed out.'

The architecture fanatic posted his mock-up on social media, where it has gained millions of views and interactions - with some joking that he had missed certain stations in the region out, including Coronation Street's 'Weatherfield North' station.

In terms of transport investment, the Government spent around £1,200 per head on public transport in London, versus less than £600 per head in the north west.