RESIDENTS are in uproar over the recent instalment of a gigantic 65 foot ‘eyesore’ in Bewsey.

The 5G phone mast that appeared on the end of Longshaw Street has been a topic of controversy for locals since its arrival last month.

A planning application for the mast, which is 20 metres in height, was submitted on behalf of Three Network last November.

Approval of the plans were submitted by December 1, 2022.

The application letter submitted to Warrington Borough Council specified the installation of a ‘20m high slim-line monopole’ as well as supportive equipment and an ‘electric meter cabinet’.

But a year on the installation of the mast has only just been carried out, and residents of Bewsey are not best pleased by the sight of it.

One resident on a Facebook thread commented: “I saw it and thought ‘what the hell is that’.

“I asked the guy, he said it was a 5g tower, what an eyesore.”

Another resident agreed, saying: “It’s an eyesore, another blot in our area.”

One individual even stated that it resembled a ‘giant ear bud’.

A letter submitted with the planning application detailed a ‘specific requirement’ for the installation of the 5G mast in the Bewsey area to enable the running of the ‘highest quality 3G and 4G service’.

It was stated that the mast will also deliver 5G cover to the location which is recognised by the Government as ‘essential for people and businesses.

A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson commented on the controversy over the latest installation, saying: “For prior notification applications, such as this, by law we can only consider siting and appearance. 

“The consideration that has been given to these issues is within the assessment report.”