A new estate with 17 properties on farmland at Preston Brook has been unanimously approved by planning chiefs, despite concerns being raised by residents and the local parish council.

Halton's development management committee met this week to rubber-stamp an application by Henderson Homes for properties on land at Sumners Farm, east of Barkers Hollow Road, on Preston on the Hill.

The planned new estate is on 1.5 acres of greenfield land which currently has one occupier. Because it is an outline planning application which has been given the go ahead, specific design details for what the properties will look like do not yet have to be decided.

A total of 11 representations had been received from the public, along with an objection from Preston Brook Parish Council, which raised fears over a range of issues including location and traffic.

Meeting at Runcorn Town Hall, the committee voted unanimously to accept the officer’s recommendation for granting outline approval subject to conditions, including financial contributions toward affordable housing, public open spaces for children and young people,  and extension of the 30mph zone.

Addressing the meeting on behalf of the applicant, planning agent Stephen Harris of Emery Planning, said: "This site is obviously identified in the new local plan as in the primary residential area. Residential development is supported by the council.

"It’s 17 homes which are proposed, four of which are affordable. Those four affordable homes will be provided on site."

A report provided to the committee said the proposals fitted with the council's current planning strategy and would contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Halton.

It added that the application was recommended for approval subject to conditions and the entering into a legal agreement or other agreement for the provision of a financial contribution towards off-site provision for children and young people and to secure the four affordable homes.