SUNDAY saw the demolition of four of the cooling towers at Fiddler's Ferry.

The power station, which closed in 2020, was partially demolished but the end of shrouded from view by fog.

The remainder of the power station will come down next year.

Today, we are looking back at the demolition of some other iconic buildings in Warrington.

Greenings Wire Mill

Warrington Guardian: Fred Dibnah at work

The brick built chimney was constructed by N Greening and Sons in the early 1900s and was dropped by Fred Dibnah in the late 1990s.

Fred Dibnah, who died in 2004, was a well-known television personality and steeplejack.
He came to fame in 1978, while making repairs to Bolton Town Hall.

Dibnah was filmed by a regional BBC news crew and the BBC then commissioned an award-winning documentary about his work on chimneys.

Golden Square

Warrington Guardian:

This image from 1979 shows work to change the face of Warrington town centre.

Demolition crews were called in to demolish the town before it was rebuilt for Golden Square.


Warrington Guardian:

Demolition crews were called to the Greenalls brewery in October 2005.

It followed a devastating fire which caused million of pounds of damage.

The site was later cleared and redeveloped and now is a care home and housing.

The Manx Arms

Warrington Guardian:

This was the end of a popular Warrington pub.

The Manx Arms, on School Brow, close to the town centre, was demolished in May 2018.

Since it closed years earlier,  the former public house had attracted vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

RAF Burtonwood

Warrington Guardian:

Large parts of Burtonwood and Great Sankey were once occupied by RAF Burtonwood and the US air base.

This picture shows the demise of the former control tower at the airfield.

The site is now occupied by Omega, with thousands of houses and large amounts of employment space.

The Bay Horse

Warrington Guardian:

The illegal demolition of The Bay Horse Pub in Winwick Street remains controversial.

The listed building was pulled down in February 2005.

The popular pub was on Winwick Street and still is thought of fondly by many in the town.

Built in the mid 1850s it was a former Greenall Whitley pub before it was pulled down, although it was closed when the demolition took place.

Jan Kubelik, the Czech violinist, was one of the famous faces to stay at the Bay Horse around the turn of the 20th century.

Warrington Baths

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Baths was pulled down in 2011. It was first opened to the public in 1866.

Now the site is home to a medical centre.

But it was once home to a large complex of pools for teaching and competition.

The baths consisted of four swimming pools, a steam room, laundry, and slipper baths for both ladies and men.

Tetley Walkers

Warrington Guardian: The old Tetley Walker site

This is the former Tetley Walker brewery on Winwick Road.

It was a huge landmark in the town until it was demolished in 2004.