CRAWLERS are returning to Warrington to perform their final gig of 2023 in a ‘Hometown Xmas Party’.

Half of Crawlers’ four members are from Warrington, with Liv May and Amy Woodall both meeting at St Gregory’s Catholic School.

The band’s debut album ‘the mess we seem to make’ is set to drop on February 16, with the ‘Hometown Xmas Party’ set to celebrate this forthcoming release on December 14 at 6pm.  

The band are made up of Holly Minto, Liv May, Harry Breen, and Amy Woodall, with both Liv and Amy being born in Warrington and having grown up here.

Crawlers also played many of their early gigs in Warrington, often at FC2, before finding success gigging across Liverpool. The band has now found international success, however.

The alt-rock group initially went viral on TikTok for their song ‘Come Over (Again)’, with 10s of 1000s using the sound – and amassing 10s of millions of views on the platform.

‘Come Over (Again)’ has now reached over 50 million listens on Spotify, with the band playing major festivals such as Glastonbury, Truck, and Leeds.

The ‘Hometown Xmas Party’ will take place at HMV in Golden Square, with the opportunity for a meet and greet with Crawlers and the band’s final performance of 2024.

The Crawlers ‘Hometown Xmas Party’ takes place at 6pm on Thursday, December 14 at Warrington HMV. Tickets are available now at