THIS is the moment a Penketh resident pressed the button to demolish four cooling towers at Fiddler’s Ferry.

With just the push of a button by Grace Taylor, the towers came crashing down at the iconic landmark.

Grace was the lucky winner of a raffle organised by Warrington Disability Partnership, Warrington Borough Council, and Peel NRE.

Talking to the Warrington Guardian about the experience, Grace said: "It was really great to be part of history being made today.

"Even though the demolition of a large coal-powered power plant shows progress and a positive move towards greener sources of energy, at the same time, it has been a part of local peoples' lives for so long and provided many jobs.

"It's also been a comforting landmark that people know they are home when they see it.

"I'm surprised how invested people have been in this event and there are a lot of mixed feelings about it. "

Both Grace’s children James, 11, and Rose, 9, were there to watch the moment too.

Warrington Guardian: The Taylor family saying goodbye to the towers yesterday

They were excited, although James said he was sad to see the towers, which he can see from his bedroom window, come down as they have been part of his whole life.

Grace added: "My kids have seen the eight towers every day on the way to school and it has been a special interest for my son for years, he knows so many facts about it.

"So he's been excited but also sad that it won't be there anymore.

"Really grateful to Peel for allowing the raffle to go ahead meaning nearly £15,000 was raised for the Warrington Disability Partnership charity.

"It's just a shame that mist obscured the view today, but I've shared a video my husband took, so hopefully that will help.

"The demolition went really well, and was great to be able to witness it so close up."

Warrington Guardian:

Grace and her husband Ryan Taylor

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Tickets for the raffle were priced at just £2 and more than £14,500 was raised for Warrrington Disability Partnership.

Thousands of people, including some of the Warrington Guardian team, gathered at vantage points in and around the country in a bid to try and catch the demolition which will go down in history.

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But a thick cloud of mist meant many people couldn’t catch a glimpse of the explosion itself.

However, it could be heard echoing across Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes, and afar.