THE team behind the demolition of Fiddler’s Ferry power station have issued a statement to residents before the event on Sunday.

The prominent landmark has been an iconic part of the area’s skyline since 1971, which is set to undergo a significant transformation this weekend.

The demolition of the first four cooling towers by civil engineering and groundworks specialists, P.P. O’Connor will take just seconds, but it has taken a huge amount of planning.

During this planning, residents near the towners have been kept in the loop, with the firm carrying out the project addressing them directly.

A spokesman said: “Extensive work is being carried out to ensure safety standards are upheld, and hazardous materials have already been removed in preparation for blowdown.

“P.P. O’Connor will check weather conditions and carry out full pre-checks and safety checks on the day.

“Following the blowdown, a series of further safety checks will take place, ensuring all the explosives are blown, the concrete piles will be inspected and the roads will be cleaned and confirmed safe.

“Demolition debris will be processed and recycled on site for future development.”

Daniel Mackinlay, demolition manager at P.P. O’Connor, added: “As a business, communication is key when working on any project.

“With the planned blowdown at this site, we have ensured we have maintained regular communication across the community.

“Our plan is to reduce any impact on the local community and maintain ongoing dialogue throughout the process.

“We are working with demolition filming experts Sky Revolutions, which will be creating a film of this pivotal moment in Cheshire’s history.

“Residents have also been given access to a live feed so they can watch the demolition live from their own homes and experience the momentous occasion for themselves.”

P.P. O’Connor says the demolition process will be conducted with the utmost care, employing advanced techniques to ensure safety, environmental responsibility and minimal disruption to the surrounding community.

Specialised teams and experts will oversee the controlled demolition to manage any potential environmental impact and ensure the safety of the area.

Peel NRE has lodged a planning application with Warrington Borough Council to redevelop part of the wider 820-acre Fiddlers Ferry site into 1.4 million square feet of logistics space across a quartet of buildings.

The initial plans state that the industrial buildings, along with parking and landscaped green space, will support more than 2,100 jobs for local people, including during the construction and demolition phases.

Future phases of the project are expected to include a new neighbourhood to the east of the former power station, which could include family homes, a new primary school, shops and a GP surgery.