ICY temperatures are blasting the UK this week.

Warrington residents have seen temperatures plummet to below zero this week, as we head into the middle of winter.

The council has already sent trucks around the town spreading grit on the roads due to the cold snap that has arrived.

As it stands, the country is in the grip of the icy weather - some parts of Cumbria registered temperatures of almost minus eight degrees this week.

It has led many to wonder whether we can expect to see snowfall in the coming days, or at the weekend.

The BBC reported that northern parts of England, and some areas of Scotland, saw snowfall last week - so, will it be repeated any time soon?

A spokesperson for the Met Office confirmed that snow showers are expected on the North Sea coast - this includes Scotland and north east England.

Snow lovers may take this to mean that there's very little chance of snow falling in Warrington this weekend.

However, the Met Office has indeed forecasted snow for Warrington over the weekend.

According to Warrington's weather forecast for the coming weekend, the Met Office says that there will be 'light snow' between midnight and 3am on Sunday morning, December 3. There could even be some falling on Saturday evening.

Although this isn't set to be a blizzard, night owls might find themselves spotting a smattering of snow when they look outside the window in the early hours of Sunday morning.

We wouldn't be dusting off those sleds just yet, though.