A GREAT Sankey football club has shared its dismay after it was targeted by arsonists.

Eagle Sports FC's groundskeeper discovered that a fire had been lit on the club's home pitch, which had burnt a hole in the field.

The club announced its disappointment on social media.

It wrote: "So disappointing to see this on our home pitch on Friday morning when the groundsman arrived.

"Why would anyone think it’s okay to have a fire on the pitch?

"So frustrating to see this with the time and money we are spending to improve the facility.

"We are working with the local council on approval of an access fence around our pitch, meaning, there would be no access to the general public."

Eagle Sports FC added: "Vandalism, along with dog walkers who believe it is okay for their animal to foul on our pitch, are the main reasons for the need for this.

"If a community facility can’t be used with respect, then changes must be made."

The club, off Thornton Road in Great Sankey, plays in the Cheshire Football League Premier Division.

Posting on its website, the football club said: "Following further information being provided, we are now in a position to provide an update on the fire damage to the pitch at Thornton Road.

"Local residents have provided us with the required evidence to understand how the damage to the pitch has occurred.

"On Saturday, November 11, a celebration party for a religious festival was held in the local area.

"It has now come to light through both witnesses and videos that a firework display was held on our pitch as part of these celebrations.

"We are disappointed to learn this is the case as while any religious festival should be respected, we would expect the same respect to be shown to the local community and their facilities.

"The club wishes to make no further comment at this time."