LOTS of readers enjoy stories of Warrington from the 1970s.

So this week in Looking Back, we have dug out a picture of the former Blackburn Arms pub in Warrington town centre.

This picture from 1978 shows the former Blackburne Arms pub in the centre of Warrington.

It was forced to call last orders in 1978 along with the neighbouring old market to make way for a massive redevelopment of the town centre which paved the way for the construction of Golden Square Shopping Centre which would open a year later.

But did you know it was known by another name.

Many readers have fond memories of drinking in the town centre at the Blackburn Arms, which was known as the Cock and Trumpet.

One reader said: “As you look at the photo, on the right was a two storey building. The top was known as the reading room.

“This was where you could read a book or newspaper in peace.

“On the left of the Cock was, and still is, the shortest thoroughfare in Warrington, Castle Street.”

The pub was situated close to the old market hall ( which is now a part of Golden Square).

All the buildings were demolished for the rebuild of the town centre which was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1979.

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