A RUNNER from Winwick has won this year’s Warrington Way 40 Mile Ultra Marathon.

The race, which starts in Lymm before going around the villages, tracks, and trails of Warrington, had around 300 participants this year.

Runners were either part of a pair, soloists, or a relay team of four.

The organisers of the race were Lymm Runners.

Over the nine-year history of the race, it has become a ‘very popular fixture in the National Ultra Running Calendar’, with entrants hailing from all across the north west.

The winner this year was Sean Fenwick, from Winwick, who completed the race in five hours and 28 minutes. Sean summarised his performance in the race by saying, “A good run. I set off fast and wasn’t sure I’d be able to maintain it but managed to.”

Warrington Guardian:

A spokesperson for Lymm Runners suggested that they were personally ‘delighted’ with the performance of their very own Georgina Walker who was the second woman to finish the race.

Kelly Staunton, from Wigan, was the first woman to complete the race. Kelly did so in six hours and seven minutes.

The winners received a prize which consisted of an engraved tankard and a Limited-Edition bottle of Warrington Way Ale.

Kieran Walshe, who is the co race director, has said: “Thanks to everyone who volunteered, ran or cheered others on in the Warrington Way today. It is such a testament to who we are as a club- inclusive, welcoming, encouraging and helping people to achieve things they might not have thought they could do.”

And finally, adding a little bit of extra motivation out on the race were the traditional Oompa Loompas from Warrington Tri Club who danced and posted photos, and in doing so raised more than £250 for the charity Move Against Cancer.

Also praised were the many volunteers who gave up their free time to look after the safety of everyone involved, both out on the track at each of the four checkpoints, and back at the Scout Hut Headquarters looking after the finishers.

Organisers reveal that the next Warrington Way 40 Mile Ultra Marathon is already in the planning for November 2024.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this event can do so via the Warrington Way Facebook page or through Instagram.