LABOUR MP for Weaver Vale - which covers Daresbury - Mike Amesbury, has lashed out at the return of David Cameron to frontline politics.

In a statement from the Labour MP's office, it is said that Mr Amesbury has 'attacked' the appointment of the former Prime Minister as Foreign Secretary.

The Weaver Vale MP highlighted Mr Cameron's role in the Greensill lobbying scandal, when it was found that he experienced a 'serious lack of judgement' in 2020 when he sent messages to members of the Government and asked for them to provide assistance to Greensill.

Mr Cameron worked as an adviser and lobbyist for Greensill at the time, which eventually went into administration in 2021.

Greensill was based at Daresbury Business Park, and when it entered administration it caused the loss of around 300 local jobs.

Warrington Guardian: Greensill was based on Daresbury Business ParkGreensill was based on Daresbury Business Park (Image: Mike Amesbury MP)

Mr Amesbury said: "After 13-plus years of failure, the Prime Minister is trying to paint himself as the vehicle of change, at the same time recycling a failed Prime Minister from the past.

"A Prime Minister whose only notable recent success was to get himself on the pay-roll of Greensill, which actually had the real human cost of 305 job losses in the Daresbury part of my constituency.

"A failed company that is now subject to an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office and so we are still dealing with this sorry affair.

"Yet, bizarrely, this individual is now appointed onto the Government benches.

“To me, and certainly my constituents, it sounds like the same old entitled Tories over and over again.

"No responsibility to anybody, arrogance above all.

"Same old Tories, same old Etonians and one of them is coming back."

Mr Amesbury made the comments during a debate on health proposals put forward in the King's Speech, which was delivered by King Charles on November 7.

The Labour MP added: "Of course, while many in Downing Street partied, [health workers] went above and beyond every day and sacrificed so much.

"We certainly can’t forget that and the public inquiry is shining a light on that.”

Mr Amesbury said the Government had provided 'no solution' to the crisis facing the NHS.