A CALM and nurturing nursery where staff are ‘long-serving and dedicated’ has been labelled outstanding by education watchdogs.

Little Treasures Nursery Ltd, Evelyn Street, has been given the highest stamp of approval by Ofsted after a recent visit in October 11.

Inspector Daphne Carr praised the Sankey Bridges nursery and spoke highly of the work force that create a ‘happy’ and ‘secure’ setting for pupils to attend.

“Every staff member is enthusiastic and passionate about delivering the best possible learning experiences for children,” she said.

“They meticulously get to know children's individual interests and developmental needs from the outset.”

‘Highly effective’ strategies have been used to enable outstanding emotional, personal and social development, according to the inspector.

Children are observed to settle ‘swiftly’ in their transition from nursery to reception.

The curriculum was also praised for its individualised focus on each pupil and their needs.

“Leaders design a curriculum that is extremely well thought out and based on children's individual needs, experiences and previous learning,” Ms Carr stated in the official report.

“Staff precisely implement the curriculum and have very high expectations of every child.”

The provision for children with SEND was also acknowledged as ‘outstanding’, with staff quickly addressing any gaps in learning.

“Highly knowledgeable staff have a superb understanding of each child's individual needs,” Ms Carr added.

“Other agencies involved comment that the nursery provides, 'a very safe space for children' with 'exceptional support for children with SEND'.”

Children who attend enjoy playing games and activities, a particular favourite being ‘funky chicken’ fitness sessions that are ran outdoors.

Lastly children were perceived to display ‘exceptional’ behaviour and attitudes throughout the inspection.

“They are exceedingly motivated and show high levels of perseverance. For example, older children worked collaboratively when they hunted for a toy bear that staff hid in a tree.

“They offered suggestions, such as using 'rocket jumps' and standing on crates, to try to retrieve the bear. Children tested their theories until they solved the problem. They learn and explore with confidence and determination.”

The outcome of the Ofsted inspection maintains the same judgement given by the education watchdogs in 2018.

To read the full report visit the Ofsted website reports.ofsted.gov.uk/