A CHESHIRE housebuilder has donated a collection of books to a local primary school in support of Anti-Bullying Week.

Appleton Thorn Primary School was the lucky recipient of these books. The school is widely renowned as a shining example of how children’s mental health and well-being can be nurtured in a supportive setting.

The Cheshire housebuilder David Wilson Homes donated the books to the school close to its Orchard Meadows site, in a sign of support for Anti-Bullying Week.

Forty per cent of young people say they have experienced bullying over the last year. Given this fact, events such as Anti-Bullying Week are important opportunities to focus our attention on this injustice.

Anti-Bullying Week is a national campaign, founded by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, aimed at raising awareness and bringing an end to the misery of bullying in our schools, at home and online.

The theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week is, ‘Make a noise about bullying’.

David Wilson Homes donated books by Usborne Publishing, a publisher that aims to support children’s mental health whilst promoting kindness and self-acceptance.

Phillipa Stewart is sales director at David Wilson Homes North West.

She said: "We hope that by donating these books, children will be encouraged to consider their own mental health, and also the health of their peers and how their actions could affect others." 

Aaron Roberts, PSHE Lead at Appleton Thorn Primary School, added: "We’re extremely grateful to David Wilson Homes for their donation of some fantastic books.

"The books cover a whole range of topics including diversity and inclusion, friendship, families, feelings, and mental health."

Mr Roberts also said: "With Anti-Bullying Week around the corner, these books will help in raising awareness of this issue amongst our children and promote some interesting discussions."