WARRINGTON has been named as one of the most affordable rental areas in the country.

This is according to housing specialists at homestratosphere.com who assessed rental conditions across numerous countries and unitary districts in England.

The analysis considered key factors such as median monthly gross pay, all categories' median rent, median recent percentage change from the previous year, and the rent-to-wage ratio.

Each county and unitary district was given a score out of 100.

Warrington was ranked fourth and given a score of 81.1.

The analysis found that residents earned a median monthly wage of £2,322, while the median rent in the town was £650.

The housing specialists say this figure has remained stable over the past year, resulting in a rent-to-wage ratio of 28 per cent.

Coming out on top was Rutland in the East Midlands which was given a score of 85.

Hartlepool in the North East came second with a score of 82.1 following by Kingston upon Hill which received a score of 81.7.