A NEW exhibit will take to Warrington Museum and Art Gallery that will look at how the town has changed over the years.

Artist Pete Regan has created his latest exhibit - titled 'We're All Alone in This Together' - to reflect how Warrington has changed amid the town's fading industrial backdrop.

The artist and photographer spent 18 months drawing inspiration from Warrington’s industrial heritage and, in particular, the poignant closures of iconic giants like Fiddler’s Ferry and Unilever, where once hundreds of people were united through their work and shared sense of identity.

Pete was born and grew up in Madrid before his family moved to England, he then studied an art foundation course at Priestley College and said his life was transformed when he was given a camera.

He said: "A notable highlight of the exhibition is the homage paid to Warrington's distinguished wire industry through a striking neon and wire installation.

"Moreover, the imminent demolition of Fiddler's Ferry serves as a poignant backdrop to the changes afoot in the town, adding depth and importance to the narrative.

“Having dedicated 18 months to this project, the work has continuously evolved, responding to the dynamic landscape shaped by the rapid advancements in technology.

"The exhibition serves as a testament to the ever-changing relationship between art, technology and the evolving societal perspectives.”

Pete added: "My artistic journey took a significant turn when I discovered the transformative potential of the camera.

"My previous exhibition, De Profundis, provided a valuable glimpse into the world of creating an immersive experience, laying the foundation for my current project.

“I've been fortunate to receive substantial support from Culture Warrington, particularly from Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, which has been instrumental in my artistic growth and development.”

Pete Regan's 'We’re All Alone in this Together' launches on November 24 and closes on February 18 - the exhibition will be free to enter.