A 55-YEAR-old Lewis Carroll weathervane in Daresbury has been restored to its former glory.

This is thanks to a donation of more than £2,000 from homebuilder Redrow.

The weathervane was donated to Daresbury Primary School by Colin Dale on his retirement as the village blacksmith back in 1968, but it had fallen into a state of disrepair.

The school successfully applied for a portion of Redrow’s Daresbury Community Fund which shared £10,000 between groups, charities, and schools in the area.

It is linked to its latest development, Daresbury Garden Village.

“The weathervane was damaged during the winter storms and whilst workers were on our roof repairing other damage, they informed school of the severe risk of the weathervane falling and injuring either children or passers-by and it had to be immediately removed,” said head of Daresbury Primary School Kathryn Zuger.

Warrington Guardian:

“Both the school and the Parish Council were very keen to get the weathervane back into place as it is an important feature of the school, the village and the conservation area. But there were significant costs associated with this work, including the actual repair and restoration.

“We are so pleased to see the weathervane now repaired and re-installed and back on the roof taking pride of place for all the village to enjoy. Thank you to Redrow for this funding.”

Chris Edwards, area sales manager at Redrow NW, said: “Our funds were established to provide funding to projects such as this one, that are at the heart of communities.

“We are proud to be able to help the school salvage this local landmark. It is great to see the weathervane back on the school roof where it belongs.”