SOME homes in Birchwood were 'skipped' during bin collections taking place in between bouts of industrial action, residents claim.

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian, some Birchwood residents have claimed that their household waste was not collected by the council when it should have been.

A third wave of bin strikes began on November 8, though the council explained that bin collections would take place in some areas on Tuesday, November 7.

Warrington Guardian: Trade union UNITE says its numbers have grown 'markedly' since the strikes beganTrade union UNITE says its numbers have grown 'markedly' since the strikes began (Image: Ross Quinn)

Among those areas touted to have their household recycling bins collected was Birchwood.

One resident complained about a perceived lack of communication from Warrington Borough Council, saying: "The website was appalling. It said both black and blue bins would be emptied yesterday.

"Then it changed to say one part of Birchwood would be one colour bin and Oakwood would be the other - Birchwood covers Gorse Covert, Oakwood and Locking Stumps.

"The residents of Locking Stumps didn’t know which bin to put out so both blue and black went out yesterday.

"I asked on social media whose bins were emptied and it seemed to be hit and miss.

"Violet Close was missed completely, yet the wagons had to pass us on Trefoil Close and theirs were done."

Another resident simply added: "No blue bin collection yesterday."

Warrington Guardian: The third wave of strikes continues through until November 20The third wave of strikes continues through until November 20 (Image: Newsquest)

Gorse Covert resident Jenna Appleton said: "Not yesterday, no, in Gorse Covert, but they did this morning [Wednesday].

"Luckily, we left ours out, I bet some didn't.

"[It's] ridiculous."

One individual complained about the lack of waste taken by the council, saying: "It said to leave both bins out, but only blue bins were emptied - they didn't take cardboard left at the side, they just left it on the floor."

It has not been all negative, however - one resident, Julie Davis, said: "Both my blue bins were emptied yesterday. 

"I also had a big box full of recycling in the house - I asked if they were taking extra and they very kindly took it for me, so I have no complaints only praise for the lads that did our bins."

Another resident, Kirsty Fenton, defended the strikers, posting: "Let them strike, it’s their right.

"After Warrington Borough Council told us it was a nationwide issue to then find out it was only Warrington, shows you exactly what our council employees are dealing with."

Warrington Guardian: Posters are being handed out by strikers on the picket linePosters are being handed out by strikers on the picket line (Image: Ross Quinn)

Speaking before the bin collections on Tuesday, November 7, a spokesperson for Warrington Borough Council said: "We are hopeful that we will be able to send bin crews out.

"Crews will focus on the collection of black and blue bins for those households who normally have their bins emptied on Tuesdays.

"If this applies to you, please leave your black and blue bins out.

"To be clear - if this is normally your week to have your blue bin emptied, please leave this out. If it is normally your week to have your black bin emptied, please leave this out.

"We appreciate and regret that many other households, who do not normally have their bins collected on Tuesdays, will not have their bins emptied on Tuesday, November 7.

"We understand that given the prolonged and unsettled period caused by the bin strikes, green and blue bins have remained unemptied for several weeks."