A HEALTH tourism company has said it is taking steps to 'prevent further deaths' after one of its clients died during weight loss surgery.

Emma Morrissey died in Turkey in July 2022 following an operation at a private hospital that was organised by Regenesis Health Travel.

The operation took place at Termessos Hospital in Antalya, on July 7 - Emma died as a result of the surgeon's actions on July 8, an inquest heard in September this year.

She was a mum-of-two who lived in Birchwood until her death last year.

Warrington Guardian: The inquest into Emma's death took place in WarringtonThe inquest into Emma's death took place in Warrington (Image: Newsquest)

Following the inquest, where the coroner ruled Emma died as a result of an internal bleed caused by the surgeon at Termessos, the senior coroner for Cheshire - Jacqueline Devonish - issued a Regulation 28 report to Regenesis Health Travel.

This report was issued in the hopes that Regenesis would take action to ensure that future patients are protected and that further deaths are prevented.

It was heard at the inquest that Regenesis did not terminate its contract with the private hospital following Emma's death.

However, the cause of death provided by Termessos Hospital was one of natural causes, which is why - according to Regenesis - no further investigation took place, and why the contact was not terminated.

Regenesis has now said that it is willing to facilitate legal action between itself, Emma's family, and the private hospital in Turkey.

A portion of the company's response to Coroner Devonish's Regulation 28 report reads: "[Regenesis Health Travel] understands that the findings between the UK authorities and the death report issued by the hospital do not comply with each other.

"Therefore, [we are] ready to assist Emma's family to the best of [our] abilities as the family has decided to start court proceedings against the hospital and the doctor(s) responsible for Emma's death.

"After the company's contractual agreement with the hospital ended, the company did not renew its contract with the hospital.

"Regardless of Emma's family's potential action against the mentioned parties, [we] instructed [our] lawyers in Turkey to pursue a claim against them."

Warrington Guardian: Emma's death was caused by the actions of the surgeon at the private hospital, the inquest heardEmma's death was caused by the actions of the surgeon at the private hospital, the inquest heard (Image: Supplied)

Steps taken by Regenesis in the meantime, as per the response to the Regulation 28 report, include:

  • Revised the questions on the self-completed patient survey
  • Increased the number of questions on the self-completed patient survey (from 13 questions to 29)
  • Revised documents across the company
  • Revised its personal data protection policies
  • Became a member of the Medical Tourism Association
  • Improved communications with the Ministry of Health in Turkey

Emma Morrissey died on July 8, 2022, with an inquest into her death concluding on Thursday, August 31, 2023 at Cheshire Coroner's Court in Warrington.