CONSERVATIVE MP Andy Carter has confirmed that he will resign from the Privileges Committee.

The select committee's description is as follows: "The Committee of Privileges is appointed to consider specific matters relating to privileges referred to it by the House [of Commons].

"The scope of any inquiry comprises all matters relevant to the matter referred."

Notably, the committee was responsible for grilling former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on whether he lied to Parliament over the 'Partygate' scandal.

Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, has confirmed to the Warrington Guardian that it is his intention to step down from this committee - though he has not explained why.

A statement from the Tory MP reads: "I was appointed by Parliament to the select committee for Standards and Privileges, which is the senior committee of the House of Commons, shortly after I was elected.

"Almost four years on, having dealt with some of the most difficult issues Parliament has ever faced, I’ve indicated to the Government that I intend to step down from the committee after the King’s Speech.”

This year's King's Speech - which will see King Charles announce the Government's plans for the coming months and year(s) - is due to take place on Tuesday, November 7.

When pushed on why Mr Carter is resigning his position on the select committee, his office replied: "Longevity of service is the reason, he's devoted an awful lot of time to those committees, especially over the past year, so now he thinks the time is right to step down with this current parliamentary session coming to an end."

Andy Carter's office explained that the MP is hoping to focus more on his work as the chair of three All-Party Parliamentary Groups, as well as looking to see certain legislation passed before his term of office comes to an end when he steps down from his seat at the next general election.