A BUSY junction is set for more closures due to continuing work aimed at ‘upgrading’ the crossing.

As part of the upgrade to the new cyclops junction at Bewsey Road and Lovely Lane, Warrington Borough Council says it will be resurfacing the roads from next week.

The work includes the approach roads of Lovely Lane, Lodge Lane, Folly Lane and Bewsey Road.

To carry out this work, the junction will need to close on certain nights from next week between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.

All work that needs heavy machinery will be carried out from 7pm to limit the noise during the evening.

The first closure will be a full closure from Monday, October 30, to Wednesday, November 1, from 7pm to 11pm.

The Lovely Lane diversion will be via Sankey Green Roundabout, Priestley Street, Froghall Lane, Midland Way, Cockhedge Green, Lythgoes Lane, Winwick Road, Kerfoot Street and Folly Lane, and vice -versa.

The Lodge Lane diversion will be via Lilford Avenue, Longshaw Street and Folly Lane, and vice-versa.

The Folly Lane diversion is via Kerfoot Street, Winwick Road, Lythgoes Lane, Cockhedge Green, Midland Way, Froghall Lane, Priestley Street, Sankey Green Roundabout and Lovely Lane, and vice-versa.

The Bewsey Road diversion is via Tanners Lane, Pinners Brow, Lythgoes Lane, Winwick Road, Kerfoot Street and Folly Lane, and vice-versa.

A second closure is planned from Thursday, November 2, to Friday, November 3, with the closure of Bewsey Road and Lodge Lane, with Lovely Lane and Folly Lane open to traffic via signals.

Cyclops junctions, or cycle optimised protected signals junctions, separate people walking, cycling and wheeling from vehicles, reducing the risk of collisions or conflict between users.

Crossing times for people walking are shorter and closer to the preferred route and the signal phase for people walking and cycling can run at the same time.