A GHOST map has revealed the most haunted places in Warrington.

The map, created by Dr Paul Lee, shows ‘alleged spectral behaviour’ associated with each area.

In Warrington, five locations are listed as being haunted.

Welcome Break Burtonwood

According to the website, a man dressed in a World War II pilot’s uniform was spotted at Welcome Break Burtonwood.

On one occasion, he was seen walking through a door without opening it.

The services was built on the site of the former RAF Burtonwood which was used by the US Airforce.

The M62 through Burtonwood was even used as a runway.

Bewsey Old Hall

Numerous legends surround this grade II listed building.

It is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a murdered maid , a treacherous servant hanged in the wake of Sir John Boteler's murder and the White Lady – thought to be Lady Isabella Boteler.

Now host to apartments, the historic site is also allegedly the home of a supernatural white rabbit being hunted by a pack of dogs.

Lewis Carroll supposedly took inspiration from this to create the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Warrington Guardian: Bewsey Old Hall

The Tavern Sports Bar

According to the haunted map, the ghost at this venue on Church Street seems to have an aversion to glasses.

“A customer’s pint glass was filmed flying off a sideboard by itself – the customer was even discussing the paranormal when this happened,” it reads.

And in 2008, the landlady spoke of how after taking glasses out of the washer and placing them on a shelf, they would fall off even though they were well away from the edge.

A shadow as if someone is standing on the toilet has been seen at the bar at the end of the evening when the lights are off too.

The Black Horse

The Black Horse Inn on Liverpool Road in Sankey was formerly used a stabling yard, which was run by blacksmith Giles Boston.

One night, a group of Cavaliers burst into the stables and demanded Mr Boston’s horses before shooting him in the chest.

After the assault, he crawled down the street to raise the alarm before succumbing to his injuries.

For more than 200 years, people have claimed to have seen his ghost holding a hand to his chest outside the pub.

And the haunted map reveals how a few centuries ago, a man in the pub was awakened by loud knocking. Here, he found a man in great pain on his doorstep. But he vanished before anything could be done.

Warrington Guardian: How it looked in the 1890s

Walton Hall

Lady Daresbury has been seen on the staircase and in her bedroom at the hall, according to the website.

In addition, the sound of children playing in empty rooms and running around has been heard.

And it is believed a dark figure haunts the function rooms.

“There are also rumours of a slim man in military clothing who walks with a limp, and visitors feeling the sensation of being stabbed,” the website reads.

Warrington Guardian:

To view the haunted map, visit here: paullee.com/ghosts/ghostgeo/