WARRINGTON Borough Council has addressed concerns regarding the removal of asbestos from a demolition site.

The old bus depot on Wilderspool Causeway has been subject to demolition works for a number of weeks, with the site almost cleared.

This comes as part of the council's plan to increase the amount of housing close to the town centre now the new bus depot has opened off Dallam Lane.

Warrington Guardian: The council has issued a statement regarding the removal of asbestos from the siteThe council has issued a statement regarding the removal of asbestos from the site (Image: Newsquest)

The nearly-demolished old bus site had been in use for decades, with parts of the building containing asbestos.

Now known to be hazardous and a carcinogen, removing asbestos from a site requires special licensing and operations.

One concerned reader contacted the Warrington Guardian, claiming that this specialist work had not been conducted at the site.

They said: "They have big machines knocking the building down [that contains] asbestos.

"They should have scaffolding with curtains and a specially qualified company to take it down, not just use the machine to pull it down."

When these allegations were put to Warrington Borough Council, a spokesperson said: "Prior to the demolition works taking place, a full asbestos survey was undertaken which identified the presence of notifiable asbestos.

"This was removed by a specialist licensed contractor prior to the main demolition works commencing.

“The remaining materials containing asbestos, which do not require a licence for removal, are being removed by the demolition contractor using an industry-standard methodology that avoids risk to the public and minimises the risk to site operatives.”