A SUCCESSFUL Warrington author visited a school in Padgate to inspire more young people to be story tellers. 

Known for his gritty thriller novels, Rob Parker spent the day at Padgate Academy teaching year seven pupils the secrets to writing a great story. 

Rob is a full-time author who has found success with his hair-raising tales including the popular Ben Bracken Thrillers. 

The talented author ‘enthralled’ students with his knowledge on story writing and his own creative processes. 

Director of studies, Jessica Hawley, said: “The students were enthralled by his storytelling and loved the part when he helped them come up with a structure for an original story just by asking questions. 

“Rob will be returning later in the year to work with our students further.” 

Warrington Guardian: The year 7 pupils learnt how to structure a story The year 7 pupils learnt how to structure a story (Image: Supplied)

Many students came away from the day inspired, with one student saying, “I want to write the story we planned.” 

Rob said meeting the Padgate pupils was a ‘pleasure’, especially with the enthusiasm they showed to writing. 

“Reading and writing can give you so much and it can unlock the key to so many doors, but sometimes I think the simple joy of making stuff up is so easily lost,” he said.  

“To spend time with the year 7s at Padgate Academy was such a pleasure, brainstorming stories together and talking about the book world at large.  

“With students this bright and engaging, and with staff this enthusiastic and brilliant, the storytelling future of Warrington is a very exciting one.”