BIRCHWOOD Station has welcomed its first new retail occupier in six years.

The railway station, which is managed by Northern, has seen the shutters of The Fursty Fox open.

An independent coffee outlet, the small business has provided its community with hot drinks and snacks at local festivals and agricultural events.

For the past year it, has operated solely from a renovated horse trailer, but no more.

Now, the outlet has opened a secondary site, based in Birchwood Station.

Helen Rainford-Douglas, the owner of The Fursty Fox, said: “When the opportunity to acquire a second site near our closest train station, we could not wait for the opportunity to provide more of our products to the local community.

"Having been a regular commuter in the past, I am aware of how important it is for commuters to be able to access ethically sourced, on-the-go food and drink.”

Lambert Smith Hampton let the unit to The Fursty Fox - Joe Simms, graduate surveyor at Lambert Smith Hampton, said: “We are glad to see an independent start-up like The Fursty Fox take occupation at a prime location in Birchwood. 

"Train stations are quintessential travel hubs throughout the UK, with occupiers now starting to realise the retail potential they offer, taking the opportunity to grow their businesses and breathe new life into these derelict stations."