A ROW has ensued following an abysmal hygiene rating being given to a Fearnhead Chinese takeaway.

Jeniric's off Insall Road was recently inspected by the Food Standards Agency, and was savaged following the inspection - being hit with a rating of zero.

It is currently the only establishment in Warrington to have a food hygiene score of zero-out-of-five.

The takeaway's name will be familiar to many, with another Jeniric's being open in Chapelford, off Santa Rosa Boulevard.

However, the owners of the Chapelford store have released a statement following the dire rating that has been given to the Fearnhead site.

A statement put out by the takeaway's owners reads: "As the founders of Jeniric's, we would like to make a statement following the recent article in the Warrington Guardian, highlighting the zero-star food hygiene rating received by Jeniric's Fearnhead.

"We sold this shop in 2013, and have previously requested the removal of our name from the business.

"Although we acknowledge the unacceptable food hygiene rating, we must state that we have had no involvement with the operation of this business since the sale.

"Jeniric's Chapelford upholds the highest standards in our food hygiene and our business operations, maintaining a five-star rating throughout.

"We are now working hard to ensure our name is taken down from the Fearnhead store and, as always, we appreciate the support from our amazing customer base."