SCHOOLS and businesses are invited to join a fundraiser in memory of Brianna Ghey, who was killed earlier this year.

The fundraiser is being organised by the Peace in Mind campaign, which is a joint venture between the Warrington Guardian and Esther Ghey, Brianna's mother.

It will be held on Tuesday, November 7 - this would have been Brianna's 17th birthday.

Warrington Guardian: Brianna was killed at the age of 16Brianna was killed at the age of 16 (Image: Supplied)

The day of fundraising will involve individuals wearing an item of pink clothing, and donating £1 to the Peace in Mind campaign.

With this in mind, we are inviting all local businesses and schools to 'Wear Pink for Peace' on November 7.

The Peace in Mind campaign is being spearheaded by Esther Ghey alongside the Warrington Guardian's community reporter, Tom Bedworth, who has covered Brianna's story since her tragic death in February.

Warrington Guardian: The campaign is a joint venture between Esther Ghey and the Warrington GuardianThe campaign is a joint venture between Esther Ghey and the Warrington Guardian (Image: Newsquest)

A short-term goal of the campaign is to raise enough funds to send school staff members on mindfulness courses, allowing them to implement changes within their own schools to benefit the mental resilience of pupils.

Support for the campaign has already come from Warrington Wolves, the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation, Andy Carter MP, Charlotte Nichols MP, and Warrington Borough Council.

Local businesses including Sam Small Ink, Twinkle Time Melts, Bubble Customised Clothing, David Wilson Homes, and Barratt have also pledged support for the campaign.

Celebrities including Sam Smith and Boy George are also backing Peace in Mind.

Warrington Guardian: The campaign is aiming to raise £50,000The campaign is aiming to raise £50,000 (Image: Newsquest)

Speaking about the Wear Pink for Peace event, Tom Bedworth said: "Support for our campaign has blown us away already, and we are only one month into our journey.

"We know that everyone is having to tighten their belts right now, but we're hoping that Warrington can pull together once again with a show of community spirit in the name of a campaign such as this.

"Support is not taken for granted, and if everyone can donate £1 on November 7, and Wear Pink for Peace, then we will be one step closer to being able to make a real difference."

Wear Pink for Peace will take place on Tuesday, November 7 - for more information, email Tom Bedworth:

For more information on the Peace in Mind campaign, or to donate, visit this link: