EUROPEAN languages were in the spotlight at Culcheth High School recently.

The school says that its celebration of languages was a 'great success,' during European Day of Languages on September 26.

Warrington Guardian: A number of bakes were entered into the themed bake offA number of bakes were entered into the themed bake off (Image: Culcheth High School)

A spokesperson from the secondary school said: "Linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and, at Culcheth High School, the students and staff were very proud to encompass this, and took to the kitchens, united in their aim to prove their baking skills for their European Bake-Off.

"The event was a great success with many entries from Years 7 and 8 students, representing a range of countries across Europe including France, Spain, Greece and Italy.

"All of the entries were incredible, which made deciding the winners a difficult task for the judges, headteacher Mr Hunt and interim head of Spanish, Miss Keenan.

"After much deliberation, Indie Kirk came in third place for her amazing gondola cake, followed by Jacob Walker and Jasper Parker-Kerner for their magnificent meatballs and spaghetti cupcakes."

Warrington Guardian: Joint first-place winnersJoint first-place winners (Image: Culcheth High School)

They added: "Joint first place winners were awarded to Sofía Haaland Alonso for her terrific London-inspired cake, and Carlota Haaland Alonso for her beautiful Parisian-themed cake.

"Culcheth High School and its community are proud to promote cultural diversity within school."