A WOMAN living in Penketh died after choking on a doughnut, an inquest heard.

Doreen Hall (nee Bates) died at an address in Penketh, where she was being cared for by her son.

In written evidence submitted to the inquest, Mrs Hall's son explained that his mother had recently returned from a period of respite at a care home when the incident took place.

Mrs Hall, who was 97 at the time of her death on September 19 this year, had a decreased appetite since returning to the care of her son.

On the evening of September 19, at around 11pm, the deceased was given a piece of doughnut to eat by her son - he left the room, and then heard choking noises from his mother.

When he returned to the room, he attempted to give his mother some water, and managed to remove a portion of the doughnut from her mouth.

Mrs Hall then slumped forward - her son then attempted to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, to no avail.

Mr Hall called the 111 line, but became confused by the automated system; he then rang his GP, where he was told to call back at 8.30am the next day.

Upon calling 999, Mr Hall informed the emergency services that he believed his mother had died, and paramedics confirmed on September 20 that Doreen Hall had died.

Mrs Hall was described in the inquest as 'frail,' with a number of underlying health conditions.

Her cause of death was concluded as choking, with a secondary cause of frailty.

Doreen Hall was born on July 22,1926 - she was a retired admin clerk, and the widow of Ernest, who was a design engineer.

The inquest into the death of Doreen Hall concluded on October 4, at Cheshire Coroner's Court, at St James' Business Centre in Warrington.